Tiffany Matloob

14 Kian and Jc Moments That Will Make Your Inner Fangirl LOL

Tiffany Matloob

TBH, there’s no denying how funny AF Kian Lawley is. And don’t even get me started on how Jc Caylen can literally make anyone LOL.

But when the two get together, it becomes a whole different story. Not only are they both #friendshipgoals but they srsly give me all the OMG-my-stomach-hurts-from-laughing-so-hard type of feels.

So to honor that v special feeling, here are 14 Kian and Jc moments that will make you also LOL every. Single. Time.

When they face-swapped on Snapchat and I was terrified in all the right ways. #cantunsee

And when they used this freaky Snapchat Lens, which was equally adorable and scary AF.

When they had a full on rubber band fight while Ricky Dillon just sat there hanging out with a watermelon... Same, Ricky. Same.

When Kian just wanted some love from his bae but Jc wasn’t havin’ it. (Those headbands are on point, though.)

That time they modeled their own T-shirts while lookin’ a little vertically challenged.

And when they tried to model again, this time in Vegemite crop tops. Yaaas boys, slay!

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Then when Jc decided pink was his color. LOL. Or nah.

When Jc shaved off Kian’s eyebrow as a prank, and then Kian shaved off Jc’s minutes later. It was like the eyebrow meme IRL.

When Jc started a water war with Kian just “for fun.”

And then Kian obvs had to get revenge.

When they were like, “Hey, let’s get in the bath together, listen to music and draw on each other’s faces. That’ll be dope.”

When Kian was trying to have a dance party but Jc wasn’t feelin’ the vibes.

Literally ANY time Kian makes this face.

Last but not least, when Kian and Jc poked fun at themselves and their YouTube pals with this cheeky video.