Danelle Sandoval

7 Style Commandments We Can Learn From Our Faves

Danelle Sandoval

If you guys don’t know who Anastasia Karanikolaou and Madison Beer are, you are not LIVING. MAJOR Fail! Girl BYEEEEEE.

STALK them ASAP because these babes have the DOPEST fashion sense. They are DROP-DEAD gorgeous and I NEEEEDDDD to know the secrets for getting their FLAWLESS BODIES. #startingjuicecleanseASAP

BUT let’s get to what I’m really OBSESSING over: their fits! Think NastyGal & Topshop meets Nike & Adidas. AKA my dream wardrobe!!!! I need them to style me/make over my entire life!

I’m not the only one that thinks these baes are FASHION QUEENS that are SLAYING 24/7. Stass & Madison have ridic followings! Like millions of fan girls like ME!! So pretty sure they know what’s up and FRESH AF.

Don’t worry though, cause I’ve got you babes covered!!! Prepared to be the baddest in the game with these 7 COMMANDMENTS!

Thou Shall Wear Black, When In Doubt

Black is BEYOND SEXY & it’s been in since forever! You’ll always look like a MODEL when you’re wearing that LBD! YASSSS QUEEN, own it!!!7 Style Commandments

Thou Shall Have 2-Piece Fire Fits

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They are so IN… because who doesn’t wanna show off their baby abs!? Stass paired her gray crop with high-waisted gray leggings. Ugh, dying!! Or you can get a little comfy like Madison. Yasss, fire sneakers are perfect X a million!!

Thou Shall Have Ripped Denim

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Every Instagram bae is rocking the ripped knee jeans, because who doesn’t love that edgy feel? We like a worn-looking jean, makes it vintage-looking which is SICK SICK SICK! You get that dope look without breaking the bank $$$$!

Thou Shall Rock Sportswear Any TIME Of The Day

Everyone loves being in sportswear all day, EVERYDAY. It’s like perfect if you gotta go for a run, and then you just have to stop by at Topshop or Zara and do some shopping with the squad. Pair it with some heels for that BOSS DGAF look! You’ll still be that “I just went out for a run but I’m FIREEEE all day EVERYDAY” girl.

Thou Shall Own A Dad Hat For Bad Hair Days

VINTAGE PAPI! Our parents are our fashion saviors—can we talk mom jeans and dad hats!? Our dad’s passed on their swag over to us. Never again will we have to worry about bad hair days, no more worrying about running into bae with a BEYOND RATCHET LOOK! YIKES! We can look all badass when we’re out with the squad, date night with boo, or just another shopping day! SLAAYYY!

Thou Shall Have A One Piece Swimsuit

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Let go of your 10+ two-piece swimsuits in your closet and opt for a one piece that literally SLAYS. Our favorite brands are calling out to us with their new and improved one piece suits with the most BAE cuts and colors so it’s perfect for whatever look you're going for. Think Topshop, Asos, Missguided, NastyGal, etc. You can go simple and sweet, like Madison, with a v-neck swimsuit or show off your back with a low scoop back like Stass has done. Is it me or is it getting hot in here?


With brands like Vetements and Anti Social Social Club breaking the internet with their casual silhouettes, it’s no wonder that our fave girls SLAYYY the looks. Pulling off a casual but FIRE outfit is a bit of a challenge, but our LA girls DEF knows what’s up. Pair your sweater with some sleek black leggings or tight-fitted pants and throw on some thigh-high boots or your favorite kicks. Solid colors and minimalism work the best. STAY AWAY from multicolored sweaters. We LIVE for our blacks, greens, grays, and whites.