Danelle Sandoval

The Wave Tour Rehearsals

Danelle Sandoval

LITERALLY DIED when I was in the same room as Nash Grier, Alec Bailey, DJ Rupp, and Rudy Mancuso!! Rehearsals for The Wave Tour were LIT and I had MAJOR FEELS staring at the baes..

Think HOLLYWOOD, LEGIT STUDIO & MY BOYS killing it before heading on TOUR in South America!! I got some one-on-one quality time with these hotties and I’M STILL HAVING DREAMS ABOUT IT! Don’t be jelly because I’m gonna SPILL the details!!

We’re talking a HUGE break room filled with everything YOU COULD EVER WANT IN LIFE: The hottest BAES, snacks on SNACKS, fridge full of goodies, a comfy couch to chill on with my mains, and a TV (which I didn’t use because these guys were all the entertainment I needed). Can I get a SEASON PASS to this life!???

The break room was chill AF, but the Pink Room was EVERYTHING. When I walked into the Pink Room, where the actual rehearsals were taking place, Dj Rupp was TEARING IT UP!! HI HELLO, I’M IN LOVE WITH YOU!

BUT LET’S TALK ABOUT NASH! I HAD TO HAVE SOMEONE HOLD ME BACK because I was about to get ratchet at the sight of my MAIN! He was chillin’ on a rolling chair, checking out his phone. He was probably answering his followers on Twitter BECAUSE he’s the biggest SWEETHEART EVS!

Rudy came in a little later to practice his music on the piano. HIS slick-back-hipster hair is LIFE. Can every guy copy this look?!!!

Alec was shy, BUT SO FREAKING ADORABLE. He is SUCH a heartbreaker! He totally melted my heart with his GORGEOUS smile.