Danelle Sandoval

5 Makeup Items To Keep In Your Bag At All Times

Danelle Sandoval

Sometimes life may throw curve balls your way. And while it may seem like the end of the world when your makeup game just happens to be 100% off fleek, we’ve got you covered with some easy fixes. Think of us as your fairy godmother, here to help you in your moments of need. After all, no one wants to run into their crush when their makeup is melting off their face and they’ve got lipstick stained teeth. We are not about that life, and you shouldn’t be either. Here is a list of five beauty products that you should keep in your bag at all times to save face when times get tough.

Foundation Stick

e.l.f. Moisturizing Foundation Stick, $6.00

Make sure you have that Lia Marie Johnson glow 24/7. We all know the struggle when the foundation you applied in the morning has almost completely disappeared by mid-day. Whether it’s from the summer heat or those sweaty moments you encounter when trying to flirt with your crush, nothing is more embarrassing than a streaky face. Luckily for you, you’ve read this list and already have your favorite foundation tucked away in your bag. Try to avoid liquid and powder foundation for your to-go makeup kit since it could get messy should the container break. A stick foundation is the perfect pocket-sized essential to stash in your kit for those days you need to freshen up. It’s much easier to apply on-the-go as well.

Moisturizing Lip Balm or Lip Gloss

Maybelline Baby Lips Moisturizing Lip Gloss, $3.99

Get those perfectly smooth and luscious lips Kylie Jenner by keeping them hydrated. This is a must-have for those moments when your lips feel dry or chapped throughout the day. Go with a tinted moisturizing lip balm or gloss to help give your lips a little color without being too glam for your more casual days.


Dove Original Clean Antiperspirant and Deodorant, $3.49

As gross as it is, it’s completely normal to sweat from time to time. And while no one likes those awkward armpit sweat stains, it’s definitely preventable. Keep a travel-sized deodorant in your bag for those more active days when you need some extra backup. After all, you never know when you'll need to take an impromptu selfie like Madison Beer and you'll definitely need to keep those armpits smelling fresh when you do.


Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer, $12.00

This is perfect for touch-ups throughout the day and a great way to get rid of those pesky dark circles that don't go away. Whether you pulled an all-nighter trying to get that assignment you left till the last minute to complete or you went to see your favorite artist perform the night before, concealer is the perfect fix to get you looking refreshed the morning after. Dab some under your eyes to remove those dark circles and to add a little glow to your complexion. If you have a small brush like Madison Beer's team uses on her, you can make sure you get into those little corners!

Rollerball Perfume


Daisy By Marc Jacobs Rollerball Perfume, $25

There may be moments where you need to freshen up throughout your day but aren’t able to take a quick shower. Rollerball perfumes are the perfect to-go fix and can have you smelling like a rose post-workout. Swipe some around your neck to get the most out of the scent and have you'll bae in the palm of your hands like Mahogany and her one and only.