Danelle Sandoval

5 Reasons Why We're Obsessed With Bea Miller

Danelle Sandoval

Can we please talk about young babes doing big thangs right now? Exhibit A: Bea Miller. The GORGEOUS and talented 17 year old babe needs to be on your radar, because she’s just so dope. She landed a spot on Selena Gomez’s Revival Tour, her music gives you the feels, and she’s naturally beautiful. She slays. Just in case you guys are doubting for a second, I’ve got five reasons why she needs to be your number 1 Instagram/Twitter/Youtube stalker list.

Her music gives you major heart attackfeels


Her album “Not an Apology” hit No. 7 on the Billboard 200 last year. If you guys haven’t heard it, I definitely recommend! She sings her heart out in her album. One of her song, “Fire n’ Gold” did amazing, with over 13 million views on Youtube. Check it out here  After, you guys need to see her Young Blood video. It’s intense and dark, but it’s babe goals, because Bea looks so hot. You can see the video here

She's an undercover superstar

studio vibes? pic.twitter.com/yA0QihTgQ6

— bea (@beamiller) April 10, 2016


I like to think of Bea as an underground star, because she's always just doing her own thing, and that's always refreshing to see with our influencers. Plus she STAYS on Twitter, talking to her fans, showing her personality through GIFS, and just being a regular teenager.

She's just a regular teenager that has amazing talent


Bea’s Instagram is so personal, and it gives her fans a chance to really see who she is. She posts herself, her boyfriend, and her friends, all of which whom she 100% supports with their careers. She’s true to herself and her fans, so I know you guys are going to connect with her the same way I have! She’s a young babe like we all are, so she sings about everything that we think about—heartbreak, staying young forever, finding ourselves, love, and more. She’s beautiful to look at, too! So why not? Follow her on Instagram ASAP to get the latest on everything Bea.

She's naturally gorgeous


Bea is one of those girls that has natural beauty. Her go-to is that voluminous mascara that makes her eyes pop! Sure she puts on lipstick here and there, but on the daily, it's that all natural allure.

She's actually great at taking pictures


Umm, so I just realized that Bea does some lightweight photography on the side!? Slayyyy, Bea, slay. She takes photos of the scenery, her friends, boyfriend, or an object that appeals to her. I think we've got ourselves a full on artist over here. I had no idea she knew how to use a digital camera so well. Either that, or she's using her phone camera and she's amazing at her contrast/brightness features. With that said y'all need to hop on her photography  and check out more of her shots.