Danelle Sandoval

How to Introduce Your Friends to Your New Bae

Danelle Sandoval

So you have a new bae? There comes a time when you’re ready to take your new relationship to the next level. So you say YES to your friends, he is real! Now it’s time for you to prove it. Introducing your BFFs to your new guy or gal can be a tricky, delicate thing. Best-case scenario: Everyone becomes friends! Worst-case scenario: your friends come to you afterwards with a million red flags and warnings to break up with bae ASAP. Letting your new Significant Other step inside your friend circle can be an intimate thing.  And we all want our friends to dig our bae as much as we do, so there can be a lot of pressure and nerves that tag along. But there are a few things to keep in mind if you want the meeting to go flawlessly.

First things first: you have to dish about him or her to your friends.



This might already be taken care of, since you probably have been gushing about what bae texted you the other day, or immediately called your friends after your first date with the guy. If not, let them in on the basics, like where you two met, how long you’ve been dating, and what he or she is into. Getting into a new relationship can be a big deal. Your new S.O. only has one chance to make a good impression on those who matter—your friends—and to live up to what you’ve been telling them. Plus, it’ll be a telling sign of if it’s going to work out with your bae based on if he/she treats your friends right.

Plan a meet-up in a casual setting.


Don’t go straight for the lunch date, but opt for a party, or a group hangout like the school hallways or a local concert venue for a fun night out. In case things get awkward, you’ll all have an easy escape route. This way, you’ll be able to introduce bae to your friends in a carefree vibe, start the conversation, and see how things flow from there. Lead the conversation initially, but then step away and let them talk it out so they can get to know each other. And no make-outs allowed! It might be awkward enough at first, and your friends don’t need to be around for your PDA. 

Remember to balance your time between friends and bae.



Even if you, your friends, and bae move on from the initial awkward meeting and become a happy little group, make sure you spend time separately as well as together. When I first started dating my current boyfriend, I was so stoked that he and my best friend knew each other and got along great, that I got in the habit of staging group hangouts because I didn’t want to leave anyone out. While I thought I was being clever and spreading my love around to everyone, my boyfriend eventually told me that he wanted to hang out with just me, and I felt bad for missing out on quality time with him. After all, he wasn’t dating my friend! Don’t get swept away by love and forget about the people you made so many amazing memories with before Prince Charming walked into your life.