Danelle Sandoval

How to Take the Perfect #Squadgoals Selfie

Danelle Sandoval

Taylor Swift girl squads assemble. You already know you have the best friends around, but now you want other people to know it too. What better way to show off the girls than taking a selfie and posting across all of your social media accounts? Arm yourself with the selfie stick your grandma bought you for your birthday and get to snapping.

Is the squad all there?


Gather the troops—yes, even your girl friend that is busy talking to the hottie on the track team—and make sure everyone is equally in the frame. There are no stars here! The best thing about selfies is that you don’t have to draw straws to see who the unlucky friend is that has to take the picture.

Get the angle right! 

Selfie sticks are a thing now, so forget they are obnoxious to anyone around who is not in the picture. Your followers will understand and you’ll end up with a better photo. Take a ton of pictures, capture some candid moments, and then select one you all agree on is the best.

Location, location, location.

This is no longer just a real estate mantra—the selfie needs to be in the perfect place, too. Are you all working out on the hiking trails in Los Angeles in your Lululemon garb? Front row at a Justin Bieber concert as he dances down the catwalk? At the trendiest restaurant in town for a late dinner? Climbing in the limo on your way to Prom? Show it off. Make sure the lighting is perfect so everyone’s glam looks can be seen. And don’t forget to mark your location and tag your friends to get all that free promo.

Write the perfect caption.

Make this an inside joke, but avoid ones that are too obscure and strange. You want this comment to bring up special memories for the rest of your friends without alienating the rest of your followers. Stuck in writer’s block and can’t think up a key caption? This Buzzfeed article might help.

Poses are important, too!

Bring your faces together with big smiles to show your love for each other. For a more daring look, flash the seductive eyes and painted pouts to say you’re a sassy and powerful group of girls that can’t be messed with. Either way, have fun with it! Get as many good shots now so you can look back years later and remember all the love you shared with your girls. #SquadGoals.