Danelle Sandoval

These Boyfriend Does My Makeup Videos Are Serious Goals

Danelle Sandoval

Whenever a YouTuber goes public with their beau, the comment section turns into viewers begging for the “Boyfriend/Girlfriend Does My Makeup” tag—call it a rite of passage for any YouTube couple. Girls take their pride and joy—their makeup bag of expensive formulas and brushes—and put them in the hands of their clueless boyfriends. It’s so funny to watch guys try to contour! The girls usually get their revenge, forcing their boyfriends to take a cake face full of foundation. Watching guys struggle with even the easiest makeup task (think getting foundation onto a brush—yes, even that!) makes me literally feel like Michelle Phan. No matter how many times boyfriends watch you do your makeup, they can’t learn it all. The videos are always goals, and show relationships at their best: carefree, fun, and lol-worthy.

Maddi Bragg and Jacob

Jacob uses both hands to put mascara on Maddi. The most adorable moment? 7:19 when Maddi puckers her lip for a kiss in between eyeliner application. 

Zoella and Alfie

Nearly 8 million people have watched Alfie play makeup artist. His natural, neutral look isn’t half bad. Zoe gives him a 6/10 but out of all the boyfriends, he does the best job. 

Saffron Baker and Jake Mitchell

This adorable YouTube couple challenge each other to makeup looks. Jake describes his attempt contouring Saffron’s face as giving his gf a “chin strap” and also decides to give her a unibrow. Nice. Jake however, doesn’t look too bad with a face full of makeup

Kristin Lauria and Marcus Johns

Kristin’s boyfriend Marcus promises to actually try to her makeup correctly. No funny clown cheeks or unibrows here. He struggles with the eyeliner, but proves himself by mastering the “goopy” eyelash glue and fake lashes, and a neutral lip. Then, she puts a wig on him.

Buzzfeed Couples

“You ever play operation? That’s how it feels.” Boyfriend #1 says. Three boyfriends attempt to take on the ultimate task of recreating their girlfriend’s looks while being shocked at the amount of products to choose from—spoiler, it doesn’t go so well.