Danelle Sandoval

The Man Bun: Dope or Nope?

Danelle Sandoval

Even if we don’t have an answer, I’m sure there are a handful of man buns we can fan girl over. I mean come on, if a guy is bae, he’s bae. If the guy is a hottie and can rock whatever trend comes his way, I think man buns are pretty dope. Be confident in your style and you and your guy will slay, no matter what type of hair.I know we all fan girl occasionally. And when I say “occasionally,” I mean whenever we turn on the TV to Zac Efron’s chiseled abs or open up Instagram to see Jack & Jack’s new selfie. So, I guess we kinda fan girl all of the time. It’s only natural. Let’s face it, we love boys… even when they have a somewhat questionable hairdo. Like Skate Maloley, many guys have chosen the man bun fad over a classic do. Girls, what do we think? Do we swipe left on a man bun or swipe right?!


The man bun trend started with models you’d see on Instagram. Here and there, you’d secretly creep on a low-key celeb with a bun and ask yourself: Is this hot? Soon, the bun became an epidemic. You can barely go to the grocery store now without seeing a man bun. And let’s not even get started with school. Basically every other guy in your homeroom has got the look. Some are super hot, confidence radiating in their smile (and in their over conditioned locks), but some are super unfortunate, barely even having enough hair to tie up. And honestly, is it weird being with a guy who has the same length or longer hair than you? Now that the lob (long bob) is popular in girls, it’s highly possible your bae could be sporting longer hair than you!