Tiffany Matloob

YouTubers Who Could Definitely Be Your Big Sister IRL

Tiffany Matloob

Growing up can be tough. It’s full of anxious moments, friendship problems and crush troubles, I mean even looking in the mirror can be a serious struggle. While Mom might be your first stop for advice, there are some things moms just don’t understand (i.e. my mom has no idea what a Tinder date is). If something is keeping you up at night (Feeling beautiful? Confidence? Boys? School?) and you need some expert opinions, look no further than these YouTubers who can double as your new Internet Big Sister. They may have some killer outfit and tutorials for hot makeup looks, but they also have some life-changing, soul-searching things to say.

Orion Carloto

In Orion’s “Tub Talk” series, she gives advice in the comfort of her hot bath. She talks how to make friends at school, and how to deal with stress and sadness. Orion also may be the queen of body positivity, and has a whole video on it to promote girls to accept themselves and be proud of their bodies. If you’re a literature lover, read her words. She pens an advice column called “P.S. Positivity” in aesthetically pleasing zine Local Wolves, and also posts her gorgeous poetry on Twitter.


College student Katy Bellotte has had her fair share of boy mistakes and quarter-life crises. She’s totally candid—even in makeup routine videos when she throws out things she’s learned about sense of self in a philosophy course—and her vulnerability and willingness to share the tough bits of her life and her thoughts is what makes her videos so valuable. Go to her for relatable feelings about not feeling pretty enough, complaints about hookup culture, to being kind and finding self improvement.

Loey Lane

The gorgeous beauty and lifestyle vlogger Loey has uplifiting videos about self-love, body positivity, and dealing with eating disorders. Her channel is full of stunning plus size lookbooks but she also breaks down the glamourous fashion wall and opens up about eating disorders, bullying, and offering tips for unshakeable confidence. She urges subscribers to live life for you, love yourself and your body, and to know that it is never too late to start anew. Loey truly loves her subscribers and is always trying to uplift them. 


Raya’s “Don’t Know What To Do With Your Life?” video has helped me so much. I always thought I knew what I wanted to do with my life, but I recently graduated college and am realizing that’s not the case! Thanks to Raya, I’m beginning to understand that even if you think everyone around you has their lives figured out, that’s not always true either. Raya urges us to try different hobbies and use new experiences as pieces of the puzzle to find your passion. In between her stunning travel videos, Raya’s Q&As offer uplifting advice about fears, school, finding the right friends, and being open to adventure.

Meghan Hughes

Meghan Hughes might just be the best big sister on YouTube. Watching her videos are so intimate and feel like talking directly to a trusted friend. She is a complete ray of light on the Internet, and her positivity is infectious! Her videos are a must-watch if you’re struggling with finding happiness or have questions about growing up. She even has a “Big Sis Advice” series where she talks about things like periods, acne, and puberty. Meghan also has a “Pizza Talk” series where she invites YouTuber friends, family, and people she admires to share a pizza and advice.