Danelle Sandoval

6 Steps On How To Get Your BFF Back After A Fight

Danelle Sandoval

Maybe she thinks you’ve been a little too distant or too wrapped up in bae and that you’ve forgotten about your girls who have been there from the start. No matter what it was, now you’re both mad at one another and neither one of you wants to make the first move in patching things back up. #tragic

So what do you do when you need your main girl just in case things with bae get rough? Follow these steps and the two of you will be sharing a brownie and bingeing on some Nash Grier videos on YouTube in no time.

Stop Being Stubborn


You don’t want to hear about what you did wrong, cause in your mind you’re the victim and your bestie is just overreacting. Tweeting about her is a serious struggle, but you need to stop thinking that way. It doesn’t matter who got mad at who first, the damage is already done. Tweeting or posting anything else remotely passive aggressive on social media will only make matters worse.

You’ll instantly regret it. Don’t do it.

Listen To What She Has To Say



Maybe part of the reason why your BFF blew up in your face was because you wouldn’t listen to a word she had to say. Don’t interrupt her while she’s speaking, and as hard as it may be – hold back your tongue until she’s done expressing her opinion. Nothing good will come from the two of you trying to yell over one another while talking, and it’s not worth losing a lifelong friend over.

Nothing Gets Better With Revenge


Stop any and all plans you had to get even. Involving other people or starting even more unnecessary drama will NOT fix anything. If anything, you’ll end up losing your bestie and even some other friends over something totally not worth it. The best thing you can do for your friendship and yourself is to just sit and stew in anger alone.

Confront The Problem


It’s the only and best way to put everything out there in the open. Make it a safe place, where the two of you can talk freely, listen and understand one another without screaming over each other’s voices. It may take some time but talking is one way to put a nail in the coffin.

It’s Not Too Late To Say Sorry


Apologizing is the best thing that the two of you may do. Maybe nothing got solved after talking things out for a bit, but if you both want this pettiness to come to an end – saying sorry is a great place to start. You’ll be able to put the fight behind you and get back to more important things, like figuring out what shoes to wear with that super cute new dress you just bought.

Get Back To Being Besties


No one does it better than you two, except for Serena and Blair on Gossip Girl. The world needs you two together like peanut butter and jelly, so plan a day of fun, greasy food and Netflix binges. Spend some time laughing and catching up ‘cause you both definitely missed out on a couple of OMG moments.