Danelle Sandoval

How To Get That #OnPoint Summer Bod

Danelle Sandoval

Winter is easy for most of us because we have no pressure of wearing a bikini or a super tight crop top. We can let our leg hair grow (OK, you know you do) let our stomachs get a little rounder, and our legs a little wider. It’s only natural to not care as much about your body when you’re cuddling in bed in fear of a snowstorm. The real challenge is when Spring comes and we all start to panic on how to change these hibernating bods. We all see the fitness Instagram pages with the highly aggressive routines on how to get a six pack or how to get a bigger butt. The bottom line is that we don’t always have the time or the motivation for this. We have a life outside of fitness, the way it should be. We’re all thinking that there must be an easier way to get in shape, and there are plenty of ways. Here are five simple steps that will help you get a Summer bod that slays.

Drink More Water


Water is so, so important for your body. You need to cut out the soda, cut down on the sugar in your coffee, and start drinking water. If you’re not a huge fan of the bland taste, add lemon! Water flushes out toxins in your body and is great for your metabolism. It’ll also cause you to feel fuller faster, so after dinner you won’t be tempted to have dessert.

Get Enough Sleep


Teenagers and young adults need at least nine hours of sleep a night. This means turning off Netflix before a new episode starts and hitting the bed at a reasonable hour. I know it’s hard when you’re filling your Forever21 cart or on the phone with your bae, but enough sleep will do you wonders. When you don’t have enough sleep, you’re cranky and unmotivated. You won’t want to work out and you’ll be lazy enough to eat junk food. Plus, getting enough sleep will make you a happier person overall. Good vibes come from a good sleep schedule!

Don’t Do Fad Diets


We’ve all heard of them, the Paleo Diet, the Raw Food Diet, the Lemonade Cleanse, the list goes on of all trendy diets people have tried. Guess what! They don't work. Maybe the first hour will go smoothly, denying yourself of all normal and craved foods, but it’s impossible to keep up. Starving yourself from a normal diet will leave you cranky, irritable, and eventually you’ll break and start eating junk. No fad diets are healthy for you and they won’t work, they’ll just drive you crazy.

30 Minutes of Exercise a Day


*Groans.* I know, the actual working out part. Let’s face it, no one loves working out, but it’s a must if you want that dope bod. To get this, you should try to get in thirty minutes of exercising a day. Whether it be a walk around the perimeter of your school, or a jog to the convenient store, or even yoga in your bedroom, thirty minutes will go a long way. You can’t change your body without doing anything, and this will bring the results.

Make a Great Playlist


This is the fun part! Go download all the newest singles, update your iPhone, and make an upbeat playlist. Throw in some Janoskians, Ariana Grande, even some throwback Jonas Brothers, anything to get you motivated. Listen to it in the car, on your treadmill, even on your walk to class. Any music that will get your mood on point will benefit you physically. In the end, you can’t make a change if you’re not motivated to do so. Get that #Lit playlist on and let Summer begin!