Danelle Sandoval

5 Sure Fire Ways To Get Over Bae

Danelle Sandoval

Sure there were plenty of good times, but maybe things just weren’t going the way you wanted with bae, or he just ghosted you out of nowhere. It sucks! But there’s no denying it anymore – things are officially over. It was all probably for the best, and now comes the hard part, which is moving forward. Wallowing in your sadness for a straight week along with pizza and ice-cream can only get you so far in terms of putting him in the rear view mirror. So what should you do?

Follow these five easy steps and you’ll be moving on in no time.

Delete his number and unfollow ALL social media accounts. 


Sure, it may seem hard or near impossible to do, but quitting cold-turkey is always best. Not having his number anymore will keep you from sending a text you’ll regret and unfollowing Insta and Twitter is gonna keep you from going into crazy stalker mode. There’s nothing cute about showing up to where he is just to spy. Do yourself a favor and get rid of the stress and temptation.

Treat Yourself!


Splurge on that designer handbag you’ve been eyeing, or maybe those super cute boots that would look awesome with your favorite pair of jeans. Focus a little more on you, and what makes you happy; even if that means going out for a luxuriously relaxing massage then grabbing some froyo with extra sprinkles. A little retail therapy never hurt anybody.

Hang Out With Your Squad


Get all dolled up and head out for a fun night on the town, or just lay around in pajamas all day while bingeing your favorite rom-com or something stupidly funny. Now more than ever you need your #squad to keep you sane, make you laugh, or get you to dance away all your worries. After all, what friend wouldn’t lend you a shoulder to cry on or her favorite earrings that make your eyes sparkle in your saddest moments?

Express Yourself


Maybe that means writing down how you feel in a diary then ripping out the page and crumbling it up. And you can’t forget singing every sad song on your ‘Breakup Playlist’ at the top of your lungs, blasting some Taylor Swift and just curling up in a ball one last time. One way or another, you’ve got to let it all out, and remember the most important thing is to not bottle up all your feelings. You’ll feel a whole lot better after having one last good cry over that someone you once called bae.

Move on!


Much easier said than done, but the best way to but your former bae in the past is to surround yourself with new people. You’ve had your time to be sad about what was or what could have been, now it’s time to put yourself back out there. You don’t have to jump into a new relationship or anything serious right away. Getting to know someone new is half the fun. You never know just what could happen or what’s right around the corner.