Danelle Sandoval

How To Use Your Boyfriend’s Clothes For The Best Street Style

Danelle Sandoval

I just LOVE digging into my boyfriends closet and styling my outfits with whatever I find. Whether it’s that amazing Marc Jacobs x Kate Moss t-shirt, his vintage letterman’s jacket, or his comfy sweats, the possibilities are endless. Oversized clothing is so in right now, because not only does it make us look super cozy, but it’s also so stylish too.

Button Down Shirts

NastyGal.com, $58

Suppose you want to be super comfortable but not too comfortable where you’re wearing your Adidas track suit. Opt for your boyfriends long button down shirt to wear as a dress, and pair it off with some fire sneakers. (I like to wear my Adidas Originals or my Riccardo Tisci x Nike) or some lovely ankle booties that have a little bit of that heel. Or you can always tie the button down around your waist like Mahogany Lox.

Graphic Tees

Nastygal.com, $128

If your boyfriend has on point style like mine does, he’ll have a bunch of t-shirts with legendary artists printed huge on the front. Throw on a Bone, Thugs & Harmony, Tupac, or Biggie t-shirt with some oversized jeans and nice sneakers, or your favorite booties and you’ll be fly as ever. Plus one of our faves, Andrea Russet is queen at rocking the graphic tee.

Boyfriend Jeans

Us.topshop.com, $75

No one has the most perfect boyfriend jeans than your very own boyfriend. They’re baggy and soft so you’ll feel like you’re in your pajamas. Ah. Put a belt on if it’s too big on you and cuff them at the bottom, no problem. Pair it off with a cute crop top, and if it’s cold out, wear a comfy jacket and maybe even a beanie on. Or just throw on his plaid shirt, and you’ll be totally retro chic. Super comfortable, am I right? Alissa Violet totally nails this look.

Bomber Jackets

Asos.com, $72.79

Lets move on to the infamous varsity jacket. It reminds me of when Drake debuted his OVO Jacket on Saturday Night Live, about two years ago. Remember? It was a sexy lookin’ jacket and it looked like perfection. I’m sure your boyfriend has a vintage-looking varsity jacket from high school, or he put down a lot of cash for one that he absolutely adored. It would look perfect if you paired it up with a knee length ribbed dress or a pair of leather pants with a long shirt. You’ll be so chic for a night out. Just take Amanda Steele for example, she’s literally flawless.

Nastygal.com, $8.40

Last but not least, beanies and backpacks. I mean look at how Andrea Russet rocks the look. Literal goals.

Ever spend the night at your boo’s house and you have class the next morning but you don’t have time to go home and change? This is where his closet saves your day! Leave your hair down or put it in a low bun and wear a slouchy beanie to cover that bad hair day. Grab his backpack and stuff a bunch of pens, paper, and everything else that’s in your purse. Chances are his backpack is sicker than yours, lets be honest, so you’re good to go! Wear a comfy sweater and a pair of jeans. It’s like you just came from your own home, the end.

Tell me you don’t want to start digging into your boyfriends closet after reading this, or that you don’t feel more comfortable wearing his clothes. You guys share almost everything, might as well share each others clothes, duh.