Danelle Sandoval

8 Things You Didn't Know About Baby Ariel

Danelle Sandoval

1. Baby Ariel's Dinner

So we asked Baby Ariel if she could invite any five people to her dinner, who would they be? She said "Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande, Beyonce, and Nicki Minaj." Well, that would be a bomb ass dinner, Ariel! 

2. Tarzan

Ariel has a deep dark secret, and it's her obsession with Tarzan! "I use to be obsessed with Tarzan. I use to run around in my underwear, because I wanted to be Tarzan." 

3. Makeup

"I'm really bad at hair and makeup." It's okay boo, because that's what our amazing glam teams are for! 


4. Lip Line

The secret behind why she started a lip line came from her fans!

'My first Musically I would wear lipstick on every single video, and I saw that girls would wear lipstick and post it and be like 'Oh look, I look like Baby Ariel!' and I got a bunch of questions like 'Where did you get your lipstick from?' And I was like why don't I start my own lipstick line?'



5. Basically

We all have that one word we're guilty of using so much, and guess what Ariel's is? "BASICALLY" You know when you're always asked a question and you start off by saying "basically.." Yeah we feel you girl! 


6. Emoji

That one emoji that you use allllll the time, you just can't stop. We love Baby Ariel's fav!


7. Vacation

"The one move that made me die was Vacation." 


8. Miranda Sings

Baby Ariel was quick to answer when we asked her dream collaboration. If y'all don't know Miranda Sings, you're sleepin'!