Danelle Sandoval

Five Ways To Convince Your Parents To Let You Go To Digitour Summer

Danelle Sandoval

We've got you covered with five of the best ways to convince your parents to let you go to Digitour Summer. Let's make some magic happen.  

1. Make Them Dinner

Parents loooove when we cook for them. They barely get a chance to sit back and relax, so if you cook them dinner, especially food they love, it'll butter them up real nice. 

2. Agreeing to Babysit your Little Brother or Sister 

So if you don't have younger siblings, this isn't going to help.... but if you do then this is perfection for you.

3. Extra Chores

Washing the dishes, vacuuming the house, cleaning their bedroom -- they'll love you 

4. Make them A Video

They'll see how much it means to you when you take time to make a video to show them how much you love them, why going on tour will be the best thing for you, and how it'll be a win-win for you and your parents. Drop hints on how awesome of a daughter or son you will be if they let you go!

5. Spend More Time With Parents

Rents loooove when you spend time with them-- whether you plan a karaoke, game night, or movie night, show them how much they mean to you!