Danelle Sandoval

What To Do When Bae Doesn’t Know You Exist

Danelle Sandoval

Maybe you’ve sat behind your crush all year, dreaming about what a first date would be like as you stare into the back of their head. You seriously hope to be partnered up for a project, but you ended up working with your bestie instead.

Before the year is up, you’re determined to have him know your name, but have no idea what’s the first thing you should do in order to make that happen. Have no fear! We’re here to make sure your crush knows exactly who you are before time’s up.

Dress To Impress

Maybe you’ve spent half the year walking around in trainers with hair in a topknot or pulled back into a ponytail. Nothing wrong with that, but maybe it’s time to switch things up. Let your hair loose, throw on your favorite shoes, a dash of lip-gloss along with your favorite earrings and a healthy dose of confidence before walking into class and passing by your crush. You just might make him and someone else do a double take.

Flash Your Pearly Whites

If bae looks your way when you walk into the room, flash him a smile. See him down the hall or at his locker? Smile again if he looks your way – but not with your eyes all crazy and bugged out. You don’t want to scare him. You just want to let him know you’re not only super friendly and cute, but totally approachable too! Who knows, it may just give him the push to he needs to approach you during class.

Talk To His Boys

Not having any luck with bae looking your way by following the above? Your next best bet would be to talk to his friends. None of the weird stuff, of course – like how you’re totally into their friend and have been stalking his Tweets and Insta, but enough to let them know you’re super cool. It’s also the perfect way to find out your crush’s likes, dislikes, and what his favorite team is. It’ll make talking to your crush a whole lot easier if his friends sing your praises.

Approach Him

Sure, this may seem a tad bit scary but it’s your best bet. You can start off with something small, asking if he understood the lesson, the date or even the time. Slowly something may start to build between the two of you, even if it’s just a friendship for now. Before you know it, bae could start talking to you first, wondering what happened if you were absent for a day or ask for your number so the two of you can get together and study for an upcoming exam. Just don’t forget to keep your chill!

Be Yourself

It’s tempting to turn yourself into something or someone you’re not just so the two of you have something to talk about or instantly bond over, but changing who you are isn’t the answer. You want your crush to like you, not the person you think he’s going to like. Be yourself and talk to bae as if he was just another one of the girls, it takes all the pressure off. Sparks could be flying before you know it.