Tiffany Matloob

Our Five Favorite Songs From Last Year Was Complicated

Tiffany Matloob

OKAY, so Nick Jonas' new album is INCREDIBLE, so we're gonna talk about our five favorite songs:

1. Bacon

"Aww s#*!, throw some bacon on it" is about to be my new life motto.

2. Champagne Problems

We can't listen to this song without dancing.. and trust me, we've tried.

3. Close

Tove Lo has an amazing voice, and hers and Nick's voices go so well together. Loveeeeee.

4. Good Girls

This song is slower and sexier, and also has a Big Sean feature. Like, come on. Do I really need to explain?

5. Touch

The lyrics to this song are so so SO good, and his voice in this particular song has me like 

Overall, this album has us feeling pretty much like these GIFs: