Tiffany Matloob

Neels Visser: What You Need To Know

Tiffany Matloob

So, we've pretty much been obsessed with this guy lately. He's 17 years old from California, and he's down right gorgeous. Thats right, GORGEOUS. Neels is an IMG Worldwide model, but is also besties with our fave, Jake Paul. He's in the squad, when he's not traveling the world to model. He's also pursuing a DJing career, and always seems to be working on music, which we're so excited to hear. Here are some selfies to get you hooked: 

That JAWLINE!! Are you kidding me? 😍😍😍

Imagine walking past him on the street.. 

Okay, so.. where are the flaws? Because we see none. Not a single flaw.

His Instagram is @neelsvisser if you feel compelled to stalk and follow and fall in love, just like we did.