Rudy Mancuso Takes Over Ryan Seacrest's Snapchat #ThatsGOLD

Rudy Mancuso Takes Over Ryan Seacrest's Snapchat #ThatsGOLD

If you saw Ryan Seacrest's snapchat today you might have been a little confused because Rudy took over and well his first snap he was claiming to be Ryan! Obvi we could tell the difference since Rudy is our #1 bae!

Here's a little recap of what you've missed so far but make sure you follow Ryan Seacrest's snapchat that Rudy is taking over with Coca-Cola!

1. In his first snap Rudy said he was Ryan Seacrest and he's very good looking and enjoying the games. For those who were doubtful he mentioned that it was indeed Ryan Seacrest. Confused? So were we... until his 2nd snap.

2. In his second snap he revealed that he's not actually Ryan but he's taking over his Snapchat thanks to Coca-Cola and sharing his experience in Copacabana on his way to a soccer game!

3. Things got a little awkward in the 3rd snap when he was trying out a Brazilian fruit and asked what it was called... he didn't get quite the response he was looking for LOLLL!!

4. His last snaps were at the soccer game and it looks like he's having a blast!!!

Make sure you keep following Ryan Seacrest's snapchat to see what Rudy does next!!! We can't wait to see!! #thatsgold